Consultation Meeting
Before we can embark on any project we go through a consultation meeting. In it we go through the clients vision and hopes for the project. We also take time to analyze if there is better way to achieve the desired result. Once we have finalized the concept we move to figuring out the shoot requirements and finalizing the date of the shoot. If possible we do advise that a site visit is done prior to the day of the shoot in order for more accurate lighting and visual planning.
Day of the Shoot
To ensure we can start on time the team for the shoot will arrive as early as possible to get accustomed to the environment and set up prior to the planned starting time. Once we have captured the required content we perform a quick browse through the images with the client. We finish off the shoot with a quick rundown of the remaining procedures.
Post Production
Post production of the images depends on the type of shoot done and the client requirements. Every shoot however we ensure that the images are cleaned up and color corrected.Event shoots are treated with the basic retouching unless advised otherwise. Individual shoots and couple shoots are treated with the intermediate retouching unless advised otherwise. Fashion and Beauty shoots are treated with High-End retouching.  The following is a breakdown of the levels of editing available to the client:

Basic Retouching
Blemishes removal (scars and pimples)
Skin adjustment
Teeth whitening
Color correction

Intermediate Retouching
Professional skin editing (blemishes removal, Skin adjustment)
Color correction
Background enhancement (solid color replacement, extending)
High level spot removal (distracting elements )

High-End Retouching
Pro correction (Professional skin editing and Color correction)
Detailed spot removal (particles on clothes etc)
Size adjustment
Client specific editing
Project Delivery
Project Delivery Time Frame
Post production time frame is project and client dependent. However if not specified the following are the project delivery time frames:

Individual Shoot
2 Preview Images - 1 day after shoot
Full project - 7 to 14 days

Couple Shoot
2 Preview Images - 1 day after shoot
Full project - 7 to 14 days

Key Preview Images - 1 day after shoot
Full project - 7 to 14 days

Fashion/Beauty Shoots
2 Preview Images - 1 day after shoot
Full project - 7 to 14 days

Product Shoots
Full Project - 14 to 21 days

On completion of the project images are uploaded into a client specific Google Drive folder. A secure link is then created and shared with the client who is free to share the link with whoever they wish to.

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